Dry Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH

Do you like to keep your clothes pressed, neat, and free of stains? Dry cleaning or wet cleaning is the way to achieve that. At Rockwood Dry Cleaners in Columbus, OH, we provide you with experienced and quality cleaning services so you can have clothes that last.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is different from regular washing and drying in that it uses a solvent that is free of water.  The solvent used in dry cleaning is specifically designed for more delicate materials, such as silk, cashmere & wool.  This specialized process allows items to be gently and effectively cleaned while maintaining the original texture, shape & color of the garments that would otherwise get damaged by tossing them into a washing machine.

What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is the opposite of dry cleaning.  The wet cleaning process uses water instead of a solvent.  Professional wet cleaning allows clothes to be cleaned in water using special soaps & softeners to once again maintain the texture, shape, size & color of the garment that could otherwise be damaged by tossing them into a regular washer & dryer.

Dry cleaning vs. wet cleaning

Choosing between dry cleaning or wet cleaning is not as simple as looking at the care label.  There are many factors when deciding if dry cleaning or wet cleaning is best.  Such as, material, stains, age of garment etc. At Rockwood, we carefully and individually inspect each garment to ensure the best method of cleaning is used.  After the garment is cleaned using one of these methods it is then professionally pressed & inspected.

At Rockwood Dry Cleaners, we want to provide you with dry cleaning & wet cleaning services you deserve. We offer pickup and delivery services based on what works best for you. That way, you won’t have to waste precious time going to the cleaners when we can come to you.

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